Caterham reveals brand new Seven for growing export markets

May 6, 2015
Written by Caterham Cars

Caterham Cars has introduced a brand new addition to its existing range of iconic sportscars for its overseas markets – the Seven 275.

The introduction of the 275, which is available across Europe, America, Japan and the Middle East immediately, adds a mid-range vehicle to the Caterham range, which is book-ended by the entry-level Seven 165 and the sportier, more hardcore Seven 485.

Caterham has steadily expanded its export business over the last few years, with export sales hitting a record high in 2014 at 345 vehicles, up 6% on 2013. The brand now services 25 different export markets around the world.

Like all Sevens, the new variant adheres to Caterham’s brand mantra of delivering ‘accessible fun’ through the traditional Caterham minimalistic, lightweight approach to sportscar engineering.

Priced in Europe at €29,995 + taxes, the 275 is powered by the latest-generation 1.6 Ford Sigma engine with variable-valve timing technology, which offers a 15bhp upgrade from the outgoing Roadsport model it replaces.

Sitting in the middle of the range, the 275 offers the perfect balance between road and race track thanks to its Caterham-tuned, 135bhp engine and the Seven’s famously intuitive handling characteristics.

The four-cylinder engine is married to a five-speed gearbox and produces 250 bhp-per-tonne. This propels the 275 from 0-100kmh in five seconds, before pushing on to a top speed of 196kmh.

A Momo racing-style steering wheel gives the 540kg Seven 275 a sporty feel inside the cockpit but creature comforts are still present, with a heater, adjustable cloth seats and diagonal seat belts, as opposed to racing harnesses, making the 275 the perfect car for town and country driving.




(+ VAT)






Speed (KPH)

Out-going model

Seven 165



6.9   secs



Seven 275



5.0   secs


Roadsport 120

Seven 485



3.4   secs




The British sportscar maker has also introduced two brand new equipment packages, which are available on all models.*** The new ‘S’ and ‘R’ packs offer specially-tailored trim and equipment packages to suit both road and track drivers.

The ‘S’ pack is geared towards the casual road driver and includes creature comforts such as a fully-carpeted cockpit, and leather seats. Meanwhile, the ‘R’ pack is more track-focused, whilst retaining its road car status by offering limited-slip differential, sports suspension and a four-point race harness.

The ‘R’ pack also offers 15” Orcus alloy wheels, which have been exclusively designed for Caterham and are 10% lighter than the outgoing 15” alloy wheel.  In the cockpit, the unique ‘R’ rev-counter has been orientated to optimise it for use at high rpm. For customers with pure track driving in mind, a 13” alloy wheel is available as an option with the ‘R’ pack; customers choosing this option will also benefit from an upgraded suspension geometry set-up to ensure the ultimate in race track handling.


S Pack±

R Pack±

5-Speed gearbox

5-speed gearbox

15” Orcus alloy wheels with 195/45 tyres

Limited-slip differential

Fully carpeted interior

Lightweight flywheel

‘S’ key, gearknob and instrument   design

Sport suspension pack

12 v socket

15” Orcus alloy wheels with 195/45 tyres

Black leather seats

Carbon fibre dashboard

Non metallic paint

Carbon leather seats

Choice of four paint finishes

4-point race harness


Black pack


‘R’ key, gearknob and instrument   design


Choice of four paint finishes



Caterham Cars CEO, Graham Macdonald, said: “Caterham Cars has been making exciting sportscars accessible to driving enthusiasts for over 40 years.

“Now, with our all-new, simplified model line-up and equipment packages, we feel we have a Seven for everyone, whether your perfect drive is a Sunday drive through the countryside or a hardcore blast around a race track.

“The Caterham brand has always had simplicity at its heart. While the pure thrill of driving remains at the core of our iconic Seven design, the experience of selecting and buying a Caterham is one that now reflects the brand’s values of effortlessness and intuition.”

“As our export markets continue to grow and now make up the majority of all sales, it is important that we continue to invest in homologated models that meet the legislation requirements in each of our sales territories. We want to ensure that our overseas customers have a wide choice of Seven models to choose from and this has resulted in the most comprehensive export model range that we have ever had.”

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**         Prices based on factory built standard S3 chassis

***        Packs vary (see table)

±          Equipment listed available on 275, 485 models.

‘S’ package only available on 165, contents varies to that listed above


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