#TBT to when his Stigness visited our old showroom to kick off the epic Caterham challenge on #TopGear.

By @caterhamcars November 15 8:11am

Here’s the full Caterham Motorsport Calendar, we look forward to seeing you next year!

By @caterhamcars November 14 4:17pm

It’s official, here’s the Caterham Motorsport Calendar for 2019!

By @caterhamcars November 14 4:16pm

It's the moment you have all been waiting for, here's the 2019 Caterham Academy Calendar....

By @caterhamcars November 14 4:16pm

Only 24 Hours until our 2019 motorsport calendar is announced. Are you ready for it? Are you excited? Watch this s…

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@barrybudden Hi @barrybudden - we always recommend speaking to your local dealer for more detailed information and…

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Looking to get your first (or next) Caterham? Skip the waiting list by visiting one of our official dealers for som…

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By @caterhamcars November 13 7:42am

Are you ready for the 2019 Academy Championship? There are only a limited number of places left - so if you want to…

By @caterhamcars November 12 8:01am

Aero front wings, left-hand drive only, inboard suspension... must be the 485CSR.  Not available in the UK, this ed…

By @caterhamcars November 9 9:01am

Just in at Caterham South, a great example of a 270S with under 1,000 miles on the clock - plus, a legendary colour…

By @caterhamcars November 8 9:01am

The 360R, finished in Competition Red and sitting on our large chassis option.  🔥🔥🔥🔥

By @caterhamcars November 7 8:00am

Does this colour scheme seem familiar to you? Our 275R is channeling some serious R500 vibes here...

By @caterhamcars November 6 9:01am

A great piece exploring why our racing championships are some of the most successful in the UK. Thanks @nwinn86 an…

By @caterhamcars November 6 7:44am

Our CEO Graham Macdonald has been catching up with Piston Heads to talk everything motorsport.  Check out the link…

By @caterhamcars November 5 10:01am

The Seven 160 represents the essence of the Seven, pure back-to-basics motoring.  A turbocharged 660CC three-cylind…

By @caterhamcars November 5 8:31am

@Quentin_Gbt @CaterhamFrance Cooool! 🎃👻

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Give your Caterham that extra level of individuality with help from our Signature range. Custom paint options, fine…

By @caterhamcars November 3 12:31pm

From weather kits and heaters, to upgraded brakes and aeroscreens, our parts store has everything you need to keep…

By @caterhamcars November 3 9:31am

Looking to give the petrol-head in your life an experience like no other? Then hire a Caterham for the weekend.  We…

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"The steering is sharp, direct and great at communicating.  It all amounts to pretty much telepathy, meaning you ca…

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#ThrowbackThursday to the dynamic duo that consists of John Barnes and LE60 CAT taking on the legendary Goodwood Hi…

By @caterhamcars November 1 9:01am

@drichardsonm Caterham, inspired by Mad Max 😎🏎🎥

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#HappyHalloween from the team at @caterhamcars! Who are you going as? #KeepItSpooky

By @caterhamcars October 31 7:55am

Our 310S has been living with the team at Goodwood for nearly a year, have you caught up with their latest installm…

By @caterhamcars October 30 4:00pm

We've welcomed a very special 420R into the showroom at Caterham South.  To find out more why this stands out from…

By @caterhamcars October 30 1:01pm

Our Academy Championship has sold out every single year since 1995, creating well over 1,000 racing drivers.  We're…

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Get set for Christmas by getting your hands on official Caterham merchandise for the Seven enthusiast in your life:

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"A car that commands respect and brings back joy of driving". Richard Hartley-Parkinson's 420R review on his trip to the lake district.

By @caterhamcars October 29 8:02am

Fresh in at Caterham South we have a great example of a 2017 270R, finished in Kawasaki Green with Matt Black Strip…

By @caterhamcars October 29 7:31am

@WoodstockOne Yes, we still offer a 6-speed option 👍

By @caterhamcars October 26 8:13am

For the more competitive Caterham enthusiast we offer the 'R' pack across all our new models, this adds four-point…

By @caterhamcars October 26 8:00am

Our Academy Championship sells out every single year, and we have limited spaces left.  If you want to find out why…

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It's a bit of a special one this week for #ThrowbackThursday - our legendary gathering celebrating 60 years of the…

By @caterhamcars October 25 8:01am

Our lightweight Apollo Alloys come in at just 4.16kg each, combined with a heat treatment process the overall tensi…

By @caterhamcars October 24 8:01am

By @caterhamcars October 23 8:38am

It's all in the details.  The 620R not only benefits from a supercharger and 2.0L engine, there's also carbon canar…

By @caterhamcars October 23 8:31am

If Caterham did car parks...

By @caterhamcars October 22 3:11pm

Dark Silver and Orange colour-combo anyone? 💪

By @caterhamcars October 22 8:31am

Anyone for a Ballistic Orange 160?  Fitted with four-point harnesses, a heated windscreen and lowered floors, this…

By @caterhamcars October 19 10:01am

Looking to get into motor racing, but aren't sure where to start?  Then try the Caterham Academy.  You can get your…

By @caterhamcars October 19 8:01am

By @caterhamcars October 18 2:43pm

Following on from Car Obsession's review, Patsy Rates Cars jumps into the passenger seat to give her take on what i…

By @caterhamcars October 18 11:31am

It wouldn't be a Thursday without a throwback.  Here's a #ThrowbackThursday to the time one of our drivers caught s…

By @caterhamcars October 18 9:11am

Our 310R in it's natural habitat. #Donington

By @caterhamcars October 17 9:01am

Peppermint + Black Triple Stripes 👌👍

By @caterhamcars October 16 9:30am

Get on the grid in 2019, learn how to become a racing driver through our Academy Championship package.  To find out…

By @caterhamcars October 15 9:31am

Our 420R, the fastest car you can build in the Caterham line-up.  If you'd like to find out more click here: …

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The checkered flag is waving. From today, all Caterham Motorsports post can be found on @caterhamcars

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To keep up with all the latest Caterham Motorsports news, follow us on @caterhamcars

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Don't forget, we'll soon be merging our Twitter communities to deliver all the Caterham content you love, in one pl…

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We will soon be merging our Twitter communities to deliver all the Caterham content you love, in one place -…

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To keep up with all the latest Caterham Motorsports news, follow us on @caterhamcars

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We will soon be merging our Twitter communities - follow us @caterhamcars

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Don't forget, we'll soon be merging our Twitter communities to deliver all the Caterham content you love, in one pl…

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We will soon be merging our Twitter communities to deliver all the Caterham content you love, in one place - @caterhamcars

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Caterham's @LEGO_Group Seven 620R blasts up the hill today at the world famous #Goodwood #festivalofspeed VIDEO:…

By @CaterhamMsport July 1 1:17pm

The LEGO Seven 620R is in action at Goodwood this weekend @fosgoodwood Real thing that is, not the model!…

By @CaterhamMsport June 29 4:32pm

@chrishoy Awesome experience! Though, as far as lap times go, this engine is old, tired and down on power.…

By @CaterhamMsport June 19 8:29am

Okay @chrishoy; now you're a #Caterham racer, we're going to give this Velodrome stuff a try. What's a good lap tim…

By @CaterhamMsport June 17 7:27pm

The 2017 #Caterham #Academy first race of the year starts at #BrandsHatch and finishes with a great win for Dan Fre…

By @CaterhamMsport June 4 5:09pm

Looks like Caterham's Commercial Director, David Ridley, left his Roadsport race car on the wrong place at…

By @CaterhamMsport June 4 9:29am

Briefing for half of the >50 #Caterham #Academy drivers who are all having their first ever race today. Enjoy it gu…

By @CaterhamMsport June 4 9:24am

#Caterham CEO Graham Macdonald cleaning his Academy car before his first ever qualifying today! #CaterhamFamily

By @CaterhamMsport June 4 8:24am

11th for @chrishoy in the first #Caterham Seven 310R race at #Brands Hatch. Looks set for top ten tomorrow!

By @CaterhamMsport June 3 1:36pm

Caterham Roadsports enjoying the sun and getting ready in assembly for qualifying at #Brands #Caterhamfamily

By @CaterhamMsport June 3 9:55am

Well it was hot and sunny here at #BrandsHatch for the second pre-race test day before this weekend - but now it's…

By @CaterhamMsport June 2 2:35pm

At RedQ, the @AirAsia mothership, fighting back office-envy - wow, what an amazing place!

By @CaterhamMsport May 22 9:05am

Caterham racing at #Sepang done! Fantastic day.

By @CaterhamMsport May 21 10:56am

Curborough's all done. Now getting ready to race here in #Sepang.

By @CaterhamMsport May 21 3:02am

Fantastic day at Curborough sprint with the Academy. Some brilliant results. Well done all! Roll on Brands Hatch…

By @CaterhamMsport May 20 11:56pm

The Academy group have descended on the curborough sprint track. Who will win....

By @CaterhamMsport May 20 10:55am

It's the #Caterham Academy at Curborough today - but also Caterham racing at #Sepang. Well, one of us had to be her…

By @CaterhamMsport May 20 5:58am

Fantastic weekend at Snetterton, great to be back with the #caterhamfamily Next stop Spa

By @CaterhamMsport April 12 5:00pm

It suits you Andy!

By @CaterhamMsport April 12 4:50pm

@Askgoodwin @CARmagazine - harsh, but fair. The all new Assembly Guide is currently well underway. It's a revolution.

By @CaterhamMsport March 15 8:41am

We only recommend the best! #demontweeks

By @CaterhamMsport March 13 10:17am

Another driver from the Caterham R300-S Championship moving up to British GT #theystartedhere #proud #goodlucksean

By @CaterhamMsport March 13 10:14am